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Momentum Bay is an EPA ENERGY STAR Small Business Partner committed to saving money & reducing greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA & U.S. DOE. The ENERGY STAR label also designates superior energy performance in homes & buildings.


?  Why are so many people switching to a healthier, more affordable & more efficient lifestyles that often cost less & yield more fun, disposable income, life, etc.?

?  Why are so many for-profit & nonprofit organizations of all sizes across industries excelling & outperforming others by going green?

?  Could green lifestyles, green homes, green schools, healthier food & hybrid vehicles be a hopeful reality that quiets the nation's fears about a subprime mortgage & banking crisis, a housing crisis, construction cutbacks, rising inflation & recession?

?  What if every lifestyle decision you & your family made reflected just how friendly you really are, that you care about your neighbors, kids, the elderly, yourself & even the rest of creation?

?  And, what if making these 'green' choices could be easy, fun & profitable?

Now, they are. Yes, it’s finally easier being green.

“Green," "eco,” "conservation," “environmental stewardship,” & “sustainability” have all gone mainstream. Green is finally a force that fits our budgets, & has always fit our faith.

  • For example, as of December 2011, over 2,000 multi-use residences (multifamily apartment) buildings and almost 100 Single-Family Homes are LEED registered or LEED certified projects.
  • And, as of December 2011, roughly 1,300,000 new homes have been built since 1995 as ENERGY STAR® Qualified Homes - about 130,000 each year - by roughly 7,600 ENERGY STAR for Homes Partners, with Texas leading the nation in ENERGY STAR certified homes.

?  So, where do individuals, households and leaders start?

?  How can someone "go green" profitably & easily?

?  In today's fast-paced & regulated world, how can an individual or household hope to keep up with clean tech innovation & sort through green facts & fiction in every area of business & living?

?  Is there a environmental boot camp course, sustainability training class, or green workshop to help leaders and households get up-to-date rapidly & even get ahead of others?

Momentum Bay’s GREEN [BOOT CAMP] course is a fun, practical, interactive, intensive & customized overview green training course of today’s most important “green” topics for individuals & families, providing relevant context for endless content.

The GREEN [BOOT CAMP] course simplifies & personalizes seemingly complex green issues so they're replicable. This sustainable living training class translates green lifestyle choices into real, relevant benefits. And, our instructors speak from a very local, personal perspective.

Momentum Bay’s GREEN [BOOT CAMP] course is led by primarily Mark Alan Robinson, MBA, LEED® AP, CEM®, one of the nation's leading sustainability & strategy consultants who enjoys sharing his own & others' stories about practical, genuine, abundant & significant green living.

GREEN [BOOT CAMP] is designed by & primarily for real, everyday households -- individuals & families, as well as leaders at apartment communities, businesses, schools, churches, & other civic or social organizations. Green enthusiasts, innovators & early adopters also find that the course serves as an efficient & informative way to stay up-to-date & in-the-know.

After just a few hours, you'll come away equipped with a broad & deep understanding of the ways you can go green at work & at home, profitably & practically.

Momentum Bay's GREEN [BOOT CAMP] courses are 30-minute to 16-hour environmental boot camp courses that help individuals & households go green & become healthier physically & economically at home.

For example, when our green energy division GREEN POWER 4 TEXAS installs solar powered attic fans, solar photovoltaic systems or vertical axis wind turbines, our energy & sustainability experts offer a solar-intensive or wind-intensive GREEN [BOOT CAMP] as a value-added service, i.e., for FREE and at no additional charge to clients, because building occupants - people - and conservation are the key to unlocking a rapid payback on all green initiatives.

This "GREEN [BOOT CAMP] for Apartment Communities: A Solar Intensive" was hosted at a low-income multi-family apartment complex in Houston, Texas Saturday, November 19, 2011.

  >> For more information & to register, email us at greenbootcamp [at] momentumbay [dot] com or call 877-ECO-TEXAS (877-326-8392) for a current GREEN [BOOT CAMP] course schedule or to learn more about group discounts for our customized, on-site green training courses & seminar offerings available worldwide.


  • Health & Sustainable Food
  • Shelter: Green homes & green buildings
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Money & Finance
  • Corporate Sustainability for Business & Government
  • Science & Clean Tech: Green energy (solar, wind, geothermal, etc.)
  • Sustainable Travel & Eco-Tourism
  • Green Gadgets & Gifts, &
  • Faith - Creation Care
  • Custom topics requested by attendees

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Thank you for striving for a healthy, sustainable world.

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